The Risks of Getting an Unqualified Team to Handle Your Office Fit-out

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08:00 AM

Looking to invest in an office fit-out? Whether it’s for a new or existing space, you’ll want to make sure you engage the right team for the job. Relying on an unqualified team can mean losing time and dollars, not to mention your sanity! It can also mean a result well below your expectations. Below we’ll explore in detail what you risk when you ‘say no to a pro’ and opt for an inexperienced alternative.


1. Financial Risk

Professional office fit-out teams have the expertise to provide you with a reliable quote for a complete office fit-out. They know exactly how much products and materials are likely to cost and can accurately calculate labour time for each stage of the fit-out. Of course, any budget must allow for contingencies however, when you opt for an unqualified team, you may well get burnt by massive budget blow-outs. This is because an unqualified team has no real idea of the actual costs involved in a complete office fit-out, nor an understanding of how to complete works most efficiently.


The worst-case scenario? An inexperienced team might only complete a portion of the work within budget. Unless you have generous rainy-day funds tucked away, you could be looking at a half-finished office!


2. Uncompetitive Pricing

Experienced office fit-out teams build up a network of trusted suppliers they rely on to provide quality materials and products at wholesale prices. This not only saves you money, it ensures you get superior materials and products for your new office space. Unqualified office fit-out teams don’t have the contacts to get you the best products at the best prices. This could mean you end up paying more, for sub-standard materials.


3. Extra Stress

When you hire a professional office fit-out team with years of experience under their belt, you’ll enjoy a smooth, seamless office space transition. A qualified fit-out team will communicate effectively with you throughout each stage of the project, flag issues promptly, and work effectively with you to create the space you envision.


 An unqualified team in contrast, won’t know how to effectively project manage your office fit-out. This could mean you encounter numerous delays, when materials or products aren’t ordered on time, confusion about who’s doing what, and a result that falls well short of what was promised. Ask yourself, do you really need more stress in your life?!


4. Bad Design

It’s now well understood that office design can have a big impact on workers’ moods and productivity levels. If you’re considering an inexperienced fit-out team you have to ask yourself whether they have the design savvy and technical know-how to deliver you an office space which:


  • Encourages collaboration and engagement
  • Allows for a dynamic workflow
  • Offers privacy for personal/sensitive phone calls
  • Minimises distraction in key work zones
  • Helps staff feel comfortable, engaged, and included


It’s unlikely that an inexperienced fit-out team will know how to achieve any of the above goals, let alone understand how to design a space which offers optimal air flow and light.


Adequate light and ventilation are two key prerequisites for a healthy and productive workplace.  One study found an 11% increase in productivity resulted when employees were provided with fresh, clean air. Another study found that exposure to a certain level of natural light reduced worker eyestrain and headaches by 84% while also helping to reduce drowsiness.


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