How to Pick the Right Construction Company for Your Commercial Builds

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Investing in a commercial build is a significant undertaking. You’ll want to make sure you select a commercial builder you can trust to deliver a beautiful result, on time and on budget. So how do you decide which commercial builder is right for you? Below we share our top tips.


Take Advantage of Word of Mouth

It’s easy to get swayed by slick marketing material when it comes to choosing a commercial builder. However, as your first step, we recommend you ask your social and business networks which commercial builders have impressed them. Their personal experiences can provide invaluable information to inform your decision-making process.


Don’t be Shy About Asking for References

Some people feel uncomfortable asking builders for references from previous projects, however, there really isn’t any need to be. Commercial builders get asked this question all the time by potential clients and they should be able to provide you with contact details for several recent clients. Ideally, they’ll provide you with the addresses of the associated previous builds, so you can judge the quality of work for yourself. If they decline to do so, this may be an indication that you’d be better off choosing another builder!


Go with Experience

You will need a builder who specialises in commercial projects, as such projects can be far more complex and multi-faceted than residential builds. At Mainline we have more than 20 years’ experience in commercial builds. What this commercial experience means for every client is that we offer:

  • An established network of trusted commercial suppliers; meaning you pay less for quality products and materials
  • A thorough understanding of the approvals process requirements for constructing commercial buildings
  • In-depth knowledge of how to address the challenges that inevitably crop up when it comes to commercial builds
  • Experienced site supervisors who won’t be fazed when onsite works don’t go to plan

Price is Important but it’s not Everything

Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing a commercial builder, price will obviously be an important factor. However, we don’t recommend choosing your builder simply because they offer you a ridiculously low price. In fact, we suggest, this could be a red flag! You have to ask, how are they doing the job so cheaply? Are they cutting corners? Using low-grade materials? Potentially even under-paying workers? Or are there additional, hidden costs further down the track that haven’t been accounted for in their original quote?


A good commercial builder will work with you to find design solutions to reduce your costs. However, while your choice will inevitably be constrained by your budget, that doesn’t mean the cheapest option will save you money. That’s because investing more in the construction process initially may well reduce the risk of being landed with an inferior build (which will amount to dollars down the drain on premature maintenance and repairs).


Do You Like their Style?

Probably one of the biggest determining factors which will help you decide on a commercial builder is their portfolio of previous work. You’ll likely want to find a builder whose aesthetic and sense of design appeals to you, plus one who specialises in the type of commercial building you seek, whether that be eco-friendly design, heritage, post-modern or high-tech.


At Mainline, our professional team of builders can co-ordinate and manage your entire project from start to finish including building surveying, council approvals, engineering, architectural, design drawings and all relevant trades.


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